Video Poker Bonus – How the Bonus Works

As we all know, most of the websites for online casino games are offering bonuses to their players. They do this to show their appreciation especially to their long time and loyal players. In addition to that, these bonuses are awarded, and offered to players as a way of welcoming them to the arena if this is their first time to try the game. However, these bonuses are often used as a token for the players to be able to play and enjoy the game without the need for them to bet with real money.

Among the many games that are available to be played with bonuses on these online casino websites is video poker. And of course, this game also offer bonuses called video poker bonus. Although most of the bonuses and games that come with bonuses have the same terms and conditions, it is still ideal if a player will dig through knowing the differences of each one.

While most of the bonuses are awarded to the player base on the level of the skills that they showed while playing the games, there are websites that necessitates bonus codes. And this at some point, include the video poker bonus, online slots bonuses and roulette bonus. ………

Playing the Video Poker Game Online

The best option on video poker
I have two games of video poker which i think are excellent. In Vegas Spin Poker is a great game, while I have seen many win huge amounts in high roller rooms by hitting multiple four of a kinds on the reels.

The best overall video poker game is double bonus poker which has high payouts for four of a kinds, and if you watch any high roller video poker player this will be the game of choice.

Choosing palaces to play

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Picking the right games

Microgaming released the double double bonus poker, this is a video poker game with the highest payouts on four of a kind. A favorite in Vegas as you can win huge amounts. it 4 aces and a kicker ( deuce, three, or four ) and the payout is higher up to 2000 credits on max bet. Same with hitting some of the other card smaller number cards such as four twos. While it may appear you loose more since it is like jacks or better, when it does hit, it pays out well. At Microgaming online casinos you can play the game in single, four hand and ten hand games. Just think of being dealt 4 Aces and a kicker, what a great payout and it does happen.

Playing video poker games in online casinos have the best payouts. The video poker game normally pays out about 97.5 percent which is much higher than a lot of the casino games. The online casinos take there biggest hits with players winning large amounts on video poker games. Since demand is there the casinos do offer quite a few selections of video poker in different betting amounts. For some of the best selections we suggest you play at RTG casinos which have video poker games as low as 5 cents per play or Microgaming casinos, they have some of the highest payouts.

100 hand video poker games

Online casinos offer within the casino software up to 100 hands of video poker games to play. The odds of winning on 100 hands increases per hand but overall you slowly can loose money.

If you happen to be dealth a winning hand your win can be huge. Players have won over 100k playing 100 hand video poker games. The choices of video poker games varies per casino software but best odds are with jokers and deuces or bonus poker. At the casinos listed you will be able to play a number of different 100 hand video poker games.

Benefits of Playing Video Poker on the Internet

Video poker is available in almost all the online casinos on the Internet. There are several benefits of playing the video poker on the Internet compared to playing in the traditional and conventional casinos.

Though it offers a bit more fun when you are playing the video poker on the video machine, there are several drawbacks too. You have to reach early to the casino so that you can get the machine where you want to play the video poker. This mostly involves the appealing looks of the machine rather than the payout percentage.

However, when you play video poker online, you need not worry about the time or the clothing. You can play even in the wee hours if you are not sleeping. You can play in your pajamas. The best thing is that the software gives you an exact replica of the video poker available in the conventional casinos. You can get payouts up to 100 per cent of what you win. The software is encrypted so you don’t have any chances to get cheated. Least, but not the last, playing video poker on the computer allows you to make friends from all over the world.

Why Play Video Poker

There are great and many reasons why you should choose or play video poker over other games.

Although video poker is like slots, it is a game that takes a lot more brain power, takes precision and skills needed in thinking and analyzing the game.

The more you play the better you become. But you can practice at the comfort of your home and read some of the tips and strategies before you get to the casino. Also, despite of its many variations, video poker is one of the simplest casino games that rules are the same for every game. All video poker machines use the same technology and rules.

Aside from that you can have greater payout percentages. Thus, it is important to know different variety of video poker games before you settle on the machine you like to play all day. Some of the variations may have more bonuses and have higher payout percentages. Then in order to win more, you must consider playing at the most profitable machine available.

The most important reason why one should play video poker is because of the fun that it has to bring and it really builds player’s satisfaction at a greater level compared to other games. And you only loose a little money while you win more.